Making Your Home Sparkle

At M&H Commercial Cleaning Services, LLC in Boulder, CO we offer a flexible schedule that can happen once for an emergency cleaning or weekly, if you need it. From daily, bi-weekly, or a one-time move out deep cleaning, we’ve got your covered.

Did builders just finish renovations on your home? We handle after construction cleanings too. Offering the highest quality cleaning services with professional staff and affordable prices, we are THE cleaning service for you.

We Can Clean Any Office

We provide completely free estimates for our services. We also provide all of our own green cleaning products and equipment in addition to fresh and clean cloths for each and every place we work.

Our Services

We provide Residential and Commercial Cleaning which can include Pressure Washing, Move out cleaning, after constriction Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Student housing, Window cleaning and Carpet Cleaning!

Commercial Cleaning:

Welcome to a new standard in janitorial green services. M&H Commercial Cleaners is the place for excellent cleaning services for your business. Many years of experience place us on a different level than standard cleaners. We cater to professional offices, construction sites, and buildings while paying attention to your specific needs. We don’t just clean your building, we use the best equipment available. We guarantee that you will get exactly what you need, on your schedule, and at the right price in a safe, gentle and green process.

As one of the best janitorial service companies in Boulder we ensure that we are here to serve you. We maintain flexible schedules because we know that you need us to work behind the scenes so business can carry on as usual. Daily, weekly, or monthly schedules are available for all types of businesses including medical facilities and property management companies. When emergencies occur, we are ready to respond quickly. A custom schedule can be created for your specific needs. Thoroughness is important to us, so we continue to upgrade our equipment so the latest technology goes to work for you! We serve a Boulder, Superior, Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield and soundings areas.


M&H Cleaning Services offers high, consistent standards without hassle or worry. We arrive on time, honor your requests, and leave you delighted with your space. M&H cleaning service uses cleaning products that are powerful and safe. So whichever “green” you choose, your clean will be healthy, fresh, and detailed. We use non-toxic cleaning products such as HEPA filtered vacuums to provide a clean work environment with no toxic residues and high indoor air quality.



Basics in all rooms:

  • Change sheets in bedrooms
  • Vacuum carpeted floors
  • Clean mirrors, other glass material and TV
  • Vacuum and mop all hard surfaced floors.
  • Clean and dust all furniture and fixtures.
  • Remove trash and replace bags.
  • Clean curtains and blinds.
  • Clean AC vents.
  • Clean spider webs.
  • Clean fan lights.
  • Clean the window and picture frames.
  • Clean doors and baseboards (This service is provided once a month with a weekly schedule and regular cleaning at no charge. It is also included in heavy cleaning services with an extra surcharge.)


  • Wipe stove top and inside and outside of oven
  • Wipe counter tops
  • Clean microwave inside and out.
  • Wipe toaster.
  • Wash coffee maker.
  • Wipe top, sides and front of refrigerator.
  • Spot check all appliances and cabinet doors for dust, dirt and smudges
  • Put new trash bags in trash can if existing one is full.
  • Shine chrome on sink faucets.
  • Scour sink.
  • Empty sink of dirty dishes unless dishwasher is full.
  • If empty, load dishwasher with all dirty dishes from the sink and around house.
  • Clean front of dishwasher.


  • Scrub toilet, bathtub, shower, sinks.
  • Clean blinds, doors and baseboards (once a month with a weekly schedule and regular cleaning at no charge).
  • Clean light fixtures.
  • Clean spider webs.
  • Clean sink, counter tops and outside of cabinets.
  • Clean mirrors and accessories.
  • Mop all floors.
  • Remove trash and replace trash bags.

Living Room:

  • Clean fan & lights.
  • Vacuum all carpet areas.
  • Mop all tile floors.
  • Dust the furniture and accessories.
  • Dust fireplace if needed (This service is provided once a month with a weekly schedule and regular cleaning at no extra charge, or it is included in heavy cleaning with an extra surcharge).
  • Clean curtains & blinds.
  • Dust furniture.
  • Clean blinds, doors, and baseboards (once a month with weekly schedule and regular cleaning
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Mop all hard surfaced floors.
  • Dust the furniture and accessories.
  • Clean fans and light fixtures.
  • Clean blinds, doors, and baseboards (once a month with a weekly schedule and regular cleaning at no charge

Laundry Room:

  • Wipe clean the outside of both the washing machine and dryer.
  • Clean the outside of cabinets.
  • Vacuum and mop all floor
  • Clean inside the Cabinets
  • Clean garage
  • Sweep porch
  • Clean balcony


  • Cleaning inside kitchen appliances except microwaves $ 35 additional surcharge per appliance
  • Sweep or clean garage interior $25-$100 additional surcharge
  • Clean inside of cabinets $35-$100 additional surcharge
  • Move furniture to vacuum $25-$125 additional surcharge
  • Picking up carpets $25plus (no charges in heavy cleaning)
  • Sweep outside patios $25-$100 additional surcharge
  • Clean windows $3 additional surcharge per window (Double windows are $6 additional charge